Warranty and operating rules

Chair warranty covers the mechanical durability and functional preservation during warranty period. Avertible deficiencies of upholstery and natural depreciation of compound of mechanism is not substantially changeing the functioning. Warranty does not cover those chairs whose use will not be met the requirements listed below (1 to 7). And the failure of which will be incurred due to unauthorized use.

To ensure long-lasting, high-quality chair service:

  1. Periodically make sure the screw and pin connection stability.
  2. Follow the castors and other moving parts cleanliness.
  3. Keep the chairs of harmful substances, which can cause irreparable damage.
  4. Use Seating in suitable spaces and for the purpose intended.
  5. Do not use any additional details to repair chairs before reconciled it to RKF.
  6. The fabric should be cleaned regularly with vacuum cleaner and suitable stain remover intended for furnishing fabrics.
  7. In doubt about the use of chair, consult with Riga Chair factory.

In case warranty repair, chair must be delivered to the RKF service center Brivibas street 177, Riga, weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00, phone +371 67374950.